How much would you need to participate in a clinical trial?

We are your personal trial negotiator.

Pharmaceutical companies profit millions of dollars from the sale of new drugs and it is the patients participating in clinical trials who make the development of these new drugs possible.


Trial patients deserve to be fairly compensated for the risks they take, for their time and for their efforts. 

BioBidz facilitates fair compensation of patients for the burden and risk of participating in a clinical trial.

We believe compensation should include an equitable share of the final commercial value of the drug being investigated in the clinical trial.

We will put forward for your consideration clinical trials run by companies that recognize your contribution to science by compensating you fairly.  

BioBidz is 100% on the side of the trial patients. 

What compensation can I expect?

Besides getting access to quality care you will be reimbursed for your time and burden and receive an additional monetary reward. 

The total amount of money will range a great deal, depending on how long the trial takes, if there is an overnight stay required, and the potential risk factor involved.

How it works.

3 simple steps.


Provide basic personal information.


Enter your compensation expectations. 


Decide to accept or decline offers. 
Signing-up and becoming a BioBidz member is free and does not commit you to participate in a trial. You can change your mind, at any time.  

What is the definition of a  "healthy adult"? 

BioBidz currently only matches volunteers with trials looking for healthy adults. The definition of a healthy adult is pretty straightforward— it’s a volunteer who does not suffer from an ailment or a chronic medical condition.

Type of trials BioBidz will match you with. 

BioBidz currently matches patients with trials designed to determine the effects of a drug or device on healthy adult volunteers including how they are absorbed, metabolized, and excreted. 

Is participating in a clinical trial worth the risk?

If you ask yourself this question, you are not alone. In fact, fears associated with participating in a clinical trial is the main reason why people do NOT want to participate in a trial.
Find out why paid clinical trials may be worth considering.
Find out about the BioBidz commitment:

How do I know what compensation to ask for? 

Our BID ASSISTANT helps you "lock-in" a requested compensation (your "Bid") that is as high as possible while being realistic at the same time.

Watch the video to see an example of a trial volunteer entering his bid.

What BioBidz members are saying.

People join BioBidz for a variety of reasons: To pay for school, to help find new cures, to earn extra money or even to meet new people.

William M.

College life keeps me busy but I always wanted to help others and participate in a clinical trial. BioBidz make it easy to review only the trials that fit my busy schedule

Molly S.

I love the idea of helping others and help researchers find new cures. I also believe passionately that my health data is mine and only mine. It is a matter a respect and social justice to be compensated for it.

Mark P.

With the money I made participating in a trial I paid-off my credit card bills. 

Who are you guys?

Why should I trust you?

BioBidz was started first and foremost because we believe it is a matter of social justice to compensate trial volunteers more fairly. 

What we believe in.

Trial volunteers are being cut out of the deal as they are not fairly been compensated today for sharing their health data in clinical trials.  
Our solution: Help trial volunteers take back a bigger slice of what is theirs.


So what do you say?

Take back what is yours!


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Konexx  Inc. and do not conduct or endorse clinical trials.   Please consult your physician before participating.

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