Access motivated volunteers.

How it works.

Once you are a member.
BioBidz is the only web-platform where trial volunteers can describe the type of trial they are willing to participate in, including their desired compensation.
​As a BioBidz member, you gain access to our large registry of volunteers.
No need for IRB approval to consult BioBidz's registry as the database was assembled independently of any specific trial.

Step 1

Describe the volunteers you are looking for and your IRB approved compensation.

Step 2

Receive in your BioBidz mailbox an anonymized email list of ready volunteers. Reach out to the volunteers.

Step 3

Confirm mutual interest with the volunteer and start the enrollment process.

Step 4

Pay BioBidz once volunteers start in your trial.


Compensation of Clinical Trial Volunteers

Current compensation of Phase 2/3 clinical trial volunteers is too low in the US. Increasing the compensation level to a fair level will dramatically increase the pool of available volunteers.  
Fair compensation of clinical trial volunteers will:
  • Accelerate trial recruitment, making new drugs available faster to patients who desperately need them.
  • Compensate volunteers fairly for their time, effort, inconvenience and opportunity cost.
  • Improve the diversity-mix of trial participants.
  • Decrease the number of trials under-enrolling and therefore decrease the number of trial participants at risk of being part of inconclusive or failed trials.
  • Decrease the number of trial volunteers needed to be recruited in countries with less patient protection.

How is BioBidz different?

Altruism is a powerful motivator to participate in trials. Our research has shown, however, that compensation level is another powerful motivator.


The prospect of fair compensation dramatically increases the motivation and number of available volunteers.

BioBidz delivers highly motivated volunteers quickly and a competitive price. 


BioBidz provides Real-World Data reports for IRB negotiations.

BioBidz conduct market studies to characterize the amount of compensation for time and inconvenience that is expected by volunteers to participate in clinical trials.

Users of the BioBidz platform are recruited via online advertisements and are invited to describe a hypothetical clinical trial they may be willing to participate in, including the amount of compensation for their time and inconvenience.


BioBidz Searchable Clinical Trial Volunteer Registry.

In addition to conducting market research, BioBidz catalogs responders who provide market analysis feedback in a clinical trial volunteer recruitment registry.

Once you have secured IRB-approval for your trial (including the compensation plan), let us query our registry and contact members who are a potential match for your trial.



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Konexx  Inc. and do not conduct or endorse clinical trials.   Please consult your physician before participating.

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