Access motivated Ph 1 volunteers.*

BioBidz is the first market place for clinical trial recruitment where volunteers set their conditions to participate in a clinical trial.

* Service currently limited to healthy adult volunteers 


Browse list of de-identified healthy adult volunteers 

How it works.

Once you are a member
BioBidz is the first marketplace for trial recruitment (think Angie's List or matching volunteers with trial sites based on the number of site visits and compensation.
As a trial site, once you are a BioBidz member, you can browse the database of volunteers and select which volunteers you would like to be put in contact with.
BioBidz does not provide trial sites with personally identifiable information of its volunteer's members. BioBidz facilitates an anonymized online conversation between volunteers and clinical trial administrators via a secure web-based messaging system. BioBidz will not further participate in the process by which potentially eligible clinical trial participants are accepted into and participate in clinical trials except to check if a volunteer was randomized in the target trial.
It's that simple. 

Step 1

Browse  our database of de-identified volunteers  and select the volunteers you are interetsed in.

Step 2

Receive a de-identified email list of your selected volunteers. Converse with them online anonymously via a secure web-based email system.

Step 3

Confirm mutual interest and start the enrollment process.

Step 4

Pay BioBidz once volunteers start in your trial.


How is BioBidz different?

BioBidz is the first website designed for trial recruitment where volunteers can describe their ideal trial including their expected compensation.


Our volunteer members are highly motivated to participate in trials which mean site recruitment coordinators spend less time chasing low-quality leads traditionally provided by online recruitment brokers.


Our goal is to achieve an 80% lead conversion. This means that for every 10 leads we provide you, you will be able to establish contact with 8 of them.

BioBidz delivers highly motivated volunteers quickly and thanks to Biobidz's large pool of volunteers, our prices are very competitive. 

Learn more about BioBidz's prices >


BioBidz market research and patient registry objectives.

BioBidz conduct market studies to uncover issues around the amount of compensation for time and inconvenience that is expected by volunteers to participate in a trial. 


Users of the BioBidz platform are recruited via online advertisements and are invited to describe a hypothetical clinical trial they may be willing to participate in, including the amount of compensation for time and inconvenience.

BioBidz combines user feedback with proprietary market analysis algorithms to generate meta-data for member sponsors about viable research compensation schemas that maximize the probability of matching potential trial participants with appropriate studies and achieving the targeted enrollment.


Sponsors may use this market analysis to prepare a compensation plan for their protocol and present it their IRB for approval.

Learn more about BioBidz's  Real World Data reports >

In addition, BioBidz catalogs user profiles of those who provide market analysis feedback in a participant recruitment registry.

Specifically, once a sponsor/investigator/site has secured IRB-approval for their clinical trial (including the structured compensation plan), the sponsor may then contact BioBidz to re-contact potential users in its registry in order to query whether they are interested in participating in the specific trial.


How much does it cost.

Cost per randomized healthy adult volunteer 

1 Volunteer

2-5 Volunteers

6-10 Volunteers

11+ Volunteers

$ 350

$ 325

$ 300

$ 250


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Konexx  Inc and do not conduct or endorse clinical trials.   Please consult your physician before participating.


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Konexx  Inc. and do not conduct or endorse clinical trials.   Please consult your physician before participating.

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