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BioBidz is the first true marketplace for clinical recruitment (think Angie's List or  You browse our database of volunteers and select directly who you want to talk to. It's that simple. 

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How much does BioBidz cost ?

How is BioBidz different

BioBidz is the first true market place for clinical recruitment  where volunteers name their price for participating in a clinical trial.


BioBidz recruits volunteers who traditionally are not interested in participating in clinical trial due to offered compensation rates that are unacceptably low in their mind. These volunteers are motivated by altruistic reasons AND the prospect of fair compensation.

Our research has shown that this pool of patients is much larger than the traditional pool from which our competitors recruit from. 

We will deliver to you HIGHLY MOTIVATED volunteers FASTER than any of your competitors.  Because our pool of volunteers is larger than our competitors, our PRICES ARE THEB LOWEST in the industry: $ 350 per randomized healthy volunteer.

How does BioBidz operate

Market Analysis Pathway

Users of the BioBidz platform are recruited via advertisements and are invited to describe the type of clinical trial they may be willing to participate in, including issues around reimbursement for expenses incurred, amount of compensation for time and inconvenience, and incentives to influence decision makings.


User feedback is then collated and provided to sponsors to fine tune research design, target study populations, and develop appropriate compensation schemas that take into account participant perceptions around time as well as value. In-turn sponsors may then use this market analysis to prepare a compensation plan for the protocol.

Participant Recruitment Registry

In addition, BioBidz catalogues user profiles of those who provide market analysis feedback in a participant recruitment registry.

Specifically, once a sponsor / investigator has secured IRB-approval for their clinical trial (including the structured compensation plan), the sponsor may then contact BioBidz to re-contact potential users in its registry, who contributed market analysis feedback about the trial in order to query whether they are interested in participating in the specific trial.

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11+ Volunteers

$ 350 

$ 325

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How is BioBidz different

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