​Q What is the definition of a healthy adult volunteer?

The definition of a healthy volunteer is pretty straightforward—it’s a volunteer that does not suffer from an ailment or condition. The volunteer literally is healthy.


The trial may also require that the participant is not taking any medications. Healthy volunteers are essential to clinical studies, as they help provide comparison data for researchers studying the effects of drugs or other treatments on individuals with specific illnesses.

Before a trial begins, participants will first usually speak with a recruiter on the phone to introduce themselves and discuss their health status with the recruiter.

Following that, potential participants will usually then get a physical examination. At this point, the medial and research staff will determine if the participant’s level of health meets the requirements of the study.

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​Q Once I've decided to participate, what can I expect during a clinical trial?

During a clinical trial, doctors, nurses, social workers, and other health care providers might be part of your trial team. They will monitor your health closely. You will have more tests and medical exams than you would if you were not taking part in a clinical trial.

Your treatment team also may ask you to do other tasks. For example, you may have to keep a log about your health or fill out forms about how you feel. Some people will need to travel or stay in hospitals to take part in clinical trials.


Q How long are clinical trials?


There is no typical length of time for clinical trials. Most trials last between a few days and 1 and a few months.


​Q ​How long does it take for Biobidz to find a matching trial?


Short answer: It depends. We strive to minimize the time it takes to find a trial that matches your criteria. Our process has been created to ensure we identify the right price in the shortest time frame possible. Possible timeframes are 1 week - 6 months.


Q How much should I ask for?


When you sign up, our simple bid calculator makes it easy to identify the right compensation. This calculator takes into consideration key variables when determining a fair compensation amount. Some variable examples are the duration of the clinical trial, the number of daytime visits and the number of overnight stays. 


Q When do I get paid?

This will vary per clinical trial but typically it would be based on specific appointments with the physician.


Q How many trials can I be a part of at one time?

Typically just one.


Q Who will pay me?

Normally the physician’s office that is running the trial will pay you.


Q What if I have to leave the clinical trial early? Do I still get paid?

Typically you will be paid based on the duration you stay in the trial.



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