How BioBidz works.

The matching process.

If you are open to joining a clinical trial,  provide the dates you are available and the number of times you are willing to visit a trial clinic.
Most importantly, you set the amount of money you need to receive to participate in such a trial.
You will receive in your own anonymized mailbox, offers matching your criteria from clinics.  You then decide if you want to talk to the clinics to learn more about their trial. 
You are never under any obligations to talk to any clinic and you can decline as many offers as you want. You can change your mind at any time.
Your name and contact information will never be revealed by BioBidz to any trial clinic. You are the one who will decide if and when to reveal your contact information to a clinic.

The bidding process.

How to set your price.

Our BID ASSISTANT helps you "lock-in" a requested compensation (your "Bid") that is as high as possible while being realistic at the same time.
The BID ASSISTANT  takes into account the number of times you are willing to visit a trial clinic (daytime visits or overnight stays) and how competitive the "market" is. (The more sites are looking for patients like you, the higher you can expect to be compensated).
Each time you change the parameters of your offer, the BID ASSISTANT provides you with feedback. You submit your offer when you are satisfied with the odds of finding a trial that matches your preferences. 


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Konexx  Inc. and do not conduct or endorse clinical trials.   Please consult your physician before participating.

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