Risks of participating in a Clinical trial

Clinical trials may involve risk, as can routine medical care and the activities of daily living.

Most clinical trials pose the risk of minor discomfort, which lasts only a short time. However, some study participants may experience complications or adverse events that require medical attention and removal from the clinical trial.

To learn more about the risks for participating in a clinical trial click this link.

The BioBidz Commitment

BioBidz is committed to offer its members quality clinical trials that support the FDA Guidelines in terms of safety. Biobidz offers clinical trials that focus on the following criteria:

  • Clinical Trials conducted by companies in good standing with the FDA

  • Clinical Trials that have been reviewed by the FDA and are approved by local regulatory agencies

  • Clinical Trials run with patient safety in mind

  • Therapy that has already been studied in one or more clinical studies


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Konexx  Inc. and Biobidz.com do not conduct or endorse clinical trials.   Please consult your physician before participating.

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